Essential parts

I’ve acquired the two most important parts in the software bringup, power supply (picopsu 80) and the touchscreen monitor. Harddisk was canibalized from the PS3 and the PS3 is now waiting for a much roomier(500GB) harddisk. Windows XP pro was installed through a usb flash drive. Touchscreen works great. Centrafuse and Riderunner were installed. Bluetooth driver installed and integrates well with centrafuse.

Garmin mobile pc installed and integrated to centrafuse with the ultimate gmpc plugin. There’s no real way to test this now as I don’t have a GPS dongle yet. Planning to test with the garmin nuvi once everything is in the car. Map of choice is malfreemap.

Currently waiting patiently for the amplifier IC (TDA 7560), E46 radio harness, M350 case and M3-ATX power supply.

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