OBD work

ELM 327 (version 1.3a) interface built and tested

ELM 327 Schematic – should apply to most BMWs

OBD interfaces pictured together, on the left is the EDIABAS-INPA interface and ELM 327 on the right. Offset is USB to RS232 interface which is used with the laptop, the carputer has two native serial ports (one for obd, another for ibus).

Some screenshot of the ELM 327 in centrafuse – taken with cameraphone


Page 1, vehicle speed, engine rpm, intake air temperature, coolant temperature, engine load,air flow rate (maf)

Page 2, timing advance, throttle position, others doesn’t seem to work

Error codes


2 thoughts on “E46 ELM OBD

    1. Hi modestas, the schematic already contains all the components needed. There are no source code since the ELM chip is bought coded

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