BMW E46 quad projector, FX-R retrofit

Another project I’m working on. It’s a quad projector setup to replace the current halogens. Reason I’m doing this project is due to my crappy current beam after being poisoned by FX-R output beam pictures around the net.

Two pairs of projectors:
1. E46 AL bi-xenon
2. FX-R bi-xenon

The setup will be using an E46 projector internal headlight housing and FX-R retrofitted into the high beam reflector bowl. The FX-R will be the low and high beam, while the E46 is to flash. Due to the flashing requirement, the E46 AL projector will be using halogen H7 bulb. Okay on to pictures..

Headlight assembly arrived safely from the US

AL (automotive lighting) logo

Slim digital ballast for HID, bulb is D2S 4300K, ballast is 35W

Removing projector from the housing

Tri wire solenoid on AL bi-xenon projector

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