Shutter painting and mounting projector

Disassemble the projector Everything disassembled for painting Painting ACE hardware flat white high temperature paint, lets see how well it stand against the heat Painted Reassemble Mockup Getting ready to cut Cut Fitted From the front White shield result with flash no flash Still waiting for another pair of E46 shroud to arrive. A mockup […]

Rebasing H7 to D2S, FX-R test

Rebasing the H7 bulb for D2S socket D2S and H7 focal point looks compatible D2S in its place Rebased H7 in D2S holder, bulb is Philips 55W very yellow output AL E46 bi-xenon shield/shutter removed FX-R projector arrived! FX-R and E46 AL projector size comparison Comparing clear and not-clear lens FX-R colorful cutoff, camera white […]