Xenon output comparison (with halogen)



Output comparison

Comparison between 55W halogen with 35W HID, HID is more efficient because most energy is converted to light while halogen radiates a lot of heat

Low beam before (halogen)

Low beam after (HID)

High beam before (2X 55W halogen)

High beam after (bi-xenon shutter)


All in all I’m okay with the result, not very happy with the high beam and I’m blaming the cheap bulb for that. Suspecting that the arc chamber is skewed causing the light to be off center. Will try to get new proper bulbs and keep these as spares. Probably going for 55W ballast next time for crazy output. Hope this would help anybody looking for a guide or help.

One thought on “Xenon output comparison (with halogen)

  1. Hallo ich wollte fragen ich hab auch ein bmw e46 2004 baujahr touring
    und ich wollte mir das auch bauen wo hast du die teile bestellt?
    kannst du mir den link schicken?
    martin ulke

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