Dash light error delete

As you all know, there’ll be error indicators when changing from halogen to xenon due to different loading of the bulb. In my case the error persists on the dash but the xenon can still be powered up but they flickers. To mimick the load of halogen, capacitors were installed so that during LCM test they will drain current (to charge up) fooling the LCM that the bulb is okay. After installing the capacitor, xenon will no longer flicker. Please refer to earlier post for picture and value of capacitor. Unlike resistor that gets hot during operation because it dissipates power in the form of heat, capacitor does not. In a DC environment, capacitor only uses power to charge and once it’s full there’ll be no current flowing through it.

So thats the deal with my low beam warning, no warning for high beam because I’m still using halogen. Warning left is the parking/pilot lamp because they are removed due to no place to put in a quad projector setup. Unlike the low beam which is high powered, the parking lamp bulb is marked as 5W so it is cancelled with resistors. Not to keen to write anymore so on to pictures, leave me question if you have any..
Error in INPA

Putting the resistor in

One side down, another side to go

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