N42B20 softboost project delayed

There was some problem sourcing for shop to fabricate the turbo manifold. So the plan right now is to buy a welding unit so that the manifold can be fabricated myself. It will take some time before I can buy the welding unit so the project will be halted until then.

Another problem that is foreseen is that the oil supply from the engine may be before the filter, we don’t want unfiltered oil to be fed in the turbo so a filter is required. An oil filter relocation kit was bought but we will only be using one half of it, an oil filter that fits need to be found. Along with that, an oil pressure sensor is acquired to be mounted on the filter housing. This enables us to monitor the oil pressure going to the turbo. It is planned that the bottom line of 7-segment display on gauge cluster will be used for this.

 photo DSC00235_zps2a7d2b32.jpg

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