Change Turnigy FBL-6X mode

So I bought the Turnigy FBL100 to learn to fly and chose to get Mode 1 thinking to be able to use it for cars later (silly me). After a few hours trying, found out that Mode 1 controls is not intuitive, used to how Dualshock 3 handles decided to convert to Mode 2.

There is no guide whatsoever on the net that I can find so decided to do the conversion and document it. The conversion is not in any way perfect

First is to remove the back cover to reveal this
 photo DSC00493_zps6e648eca.jpg

Remove the cable tie, and note where the connector from the sticks potentiometer connect to. We are going to remove the stick and swap the position
 photo DSC00494_zpsf09bc3fa.jpg

Using allen/hex key remove the stick by undoing the screws on the front plate
 photo DSC00497_zps2cdddfda.jpg

 photo DSC00498_zps2b0d9273.jpg

 photo DSC00499_zps6c24e6e4.jpg

Sockets on the board is actually labeled, here’s a closeup
 photo DSC00500_zps0393d307.jpg

After swapping the sticks location, its time to wire it back it. But before that, two of the pots connector have to be swapped. If not the polarity of the movement would be reversed (have to pull throttle down to throttle up). Here’s the connector
 photo DSC00501_zpsd239eec6.jpg

Pull the left and right conductor out and swap them
 photo DSC00503_zps6d9f0b46.jpg

 photo DSC00504_zps56d1b1f8.jpg

This has to be done for two axis – throttle and fore/aft cyclic

The final connection is as below. Enjoy flying! One thing to note that we didn’t move the trim button location, so throttle trim is still on the right and vice versa.
 photo DSC00505_zpsb8d5ff2a.jpg

 photo DSC00506_zps53283e78.jpg

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