Softboost and Electric car update

Guys, some update on the projects. The E30 donor car was bought two months ago and now I am in the process of looking for transmission adapter plate. Power steering delete kit was bought along with IE urethane steering coupler.

For the softboost project, there is now a solid plan on how to mount the turbo and manifold. so the project is rolling again. More supporting parts were bought to complete the oil feed and drain lines. Next is to weld the oil pan with the AN10 return bung and drill the oil filter housing for oil feed.

pix of the E30
 photo DSC00779_zps8c0d3fdb.jpg

the power steering delete
 photo DSC00998_zpsbf9194ee.jpg

urethane coupler
 photo DSC00999_zps2cda9dc9.jpg

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