My Commuter Tern Link Uno

Got my Tern Link Uno two months ago and has been preparing it and myself for commute to work. The bike I feel is very well built and designed. Decided to buy the Uno for the lack of cables and to discipline myself after not cycling for almost 20 years.

Here’s the Link Uno and the gears

 photo DSC02934_zps7639cbbd.jpg

 photo DSC02936_zps6cabc34a.jpg

 photo DSC02939_zpsfe18a391.jpg

Axiom Rackbook Pro
 photo DSC02937_zpse43c0923.jpg

Monkii mono with clip
 photo DSC02941_zps905a9f93.jpg

Specialized pump, bottle cage and bottle
 photo DSC02942_zpsccfa71df.jpg

Specialized Romin saddle
 photo DSC02944_zps64de51a0.jpg

Biologic wraplight 2.0 and Garmin FR70
 photo DSC02945_zpsd5d9bf1e.jpg

 photo DSC02946_zpsfb2930d3.jpg

Biologic Pango helmet
 photo DSC02947_zpsa0711521.jpg

Abus Bordo Lite
 photo DSC02948_zpsb172b88a.jpg

 photo DSC02951_zps2d5bcd3a.jpg

 photo DSC02954_zpsfedc6909.jpg

 photo DSC02957_zps6b6d9aa3.jpg

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