Mach 6 replica project initiated

From the speed racer wii game emulated with Dolphin, the 3d scene was captured with 3D ripper DX

Obj file imported into 3ds Max

Cleaned up to only objects we are interested in

Then 3ds file imported into Pepakura designer

One thought on “Mach 6 replica project initiated

  1. hello aidilj my name is villas and I`m form BRAZIL . I was looking for some mach 6 pepakura files because I want to make it in paper, I am a big fan of speed racer and realy like the movie cars designs. I found your post but I cant found any files, and i dont know how to make this 3d models, but I know how to use then . I was thinking if you could help me … well, I would like to know if you can send me your 3d model so I can made my paper replica. sorry about my english, thanks man.

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