Tantillus build – Part 1, printed case

A few years late I know, I was looking for a small printer to build with some leftover parts. Bumped into Tantillus which matches the desired physical and printing dimensions.

Instead of printing the Tantillus case in 12 different parts, the parts were combined in Meshmixer and printed in three parts. Each sections (top, middle and base) took about 7 hours each to complete with 1mm nozzle, 0.5mm layer thickness.

The top part was printed first, since I was new to meshmixer then the merging was not very well done. Since it was printed, the top and middle STL was reworked.

Stringing, not yet calibrated
Middle part being printed
middle part done
Base part was trimmed short and include the lower Z bracket
The case could be printed at once but would not risk it

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