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This is a repository website for two UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) final year projects done by us - Aidil and Aaron. We are electrical and electronics engineering students majoring in computer systems and we built a computer clone each for our final year degree project. The two cloned computers are Magic-1 by Bill Buzbee and Mark 1 FORTH Computer by Andrew Holme. Both computers are build from discrete TTL gates, wire-wrapped and built on several eurocards. The best thing is that they work!

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by Aidil

Construction of the clone commenced in February 2006 and the machine was completed in September 2006. Major problem during the development of the clone was some components for the CPU are nowhere to be found here in Malaysia. But thanks to Bill Buzbee who kindly offered to help by mailing the missing parts - Magic-1 leftover parts. Thank you Bill! It is impossible to complete this project without his support. Bill had kindly supplied some of the critical components and provided technical information not available on his website for this project.
Mark 1 FORTH Computer
by Aaron

Construction of the Mark 1 FORTH clone started in February 2006. The computer was completed in October 2006. No major problems were encountered during the construction of this computer. The design of this computer is great! A heartfelt thanks to Andrew Holme for his support and help throughout the project. Thank you Andrew! A big thanks also to Aidil, Dr. Yap Vooi Voon and Mr. Patrick Sebastian. This project would never have been completed without you people =]
Anyway, this is a picture of the clone working in its enclosure made from acrylic. This is a top view picture of the Mark 1 FORTH clone:
And this is the picture of the original machine, Magic-1. And this is the picture of Andrew's original Mark 1 FORTH computer:
For more info and pictures on the project follow this link

For more info and pictures on the project follow this link

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