DIY SFF low volume mini itx computer case

The custom pc case project was initiated when the off-the-shelve case took too much area and hides the beautiful Asus Strix 980ti. Stay tuned for the end because I’m going to remake the whole office. I’m looking for what is the most comfortable office chair for long hours to get a great chair for the office, and also a better keyboard.

Case dimension and volume as below

310mm x 115mm x 184mm – 6.56 liters

length is dictated by the length graphics card : 305 + 2 + 2 + 1
depth is by graphics card and PSU : 40 + 65 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4
height is by motherboard and hard disk : 170 + 10 + 2 + 2

Computer specifications
Motherboard – Asus H110I Plus (mini itx)
Processor – Intel I5 6500 with factory heatsink
PSU – Silverstone 600W SFX
Graphics card – Asus Strix 980ti (30.5 x 15.22 x 3.98 Centimeter)

On to pictures

Original case not being space efficient
 photo DSC03882_zps855tliti.jpg

Components pulled out
 photo DSC03885_zpsuwanaaz7.jpg

2mm thick L shape aluminum
 photo DSC03903_zps01ngehjo.jpg

The connecting components
 photo DSC03910_zps3kcmmefo.jpg

Putting it together
 photo DSC03912_zpsjtfog2od.jpg

Installing power supply
 photo DSC03914_zpsnumwhijd.jpg

Motherboard is inside
 photo DSC03917_zpsue9ot9hl.jpg

Halfway done
 photo DSC03919_zpskzao36go.jpg

Harddisk is at the bottom
 photo DSC03922_zps9xiwbwoz.jpg

All done
 photo DSC03923_zpshk4bro4r.jpg

 photo DSC03925_zpszgnbgzu7.jpg

 photo DSC03933_zpsbcukk2zj.jpg

 photo DSC03938_zpsumd7ra28.jpg

 photo DSC03939_zpsne7koryo.jpg

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